Charlie '18

I can’t believe how lucky I am that I made the decision to come here. In the last two years, I feel like I’ve become my truest self. And it hasn’t been easy. I struggled with anxiety in the past, and my last school was really big—a nightmare. At Putney, I don’t have to put a shell around myself, so I’ve become far more calm, centered, mature.

I often reflect the emotions of others, so being in a place where people are so positive and open and non-judgmental has been great. At my old school, you’d ask someone how they were doing and they might say ‘good,’ or ‘fine.’ Not at Putney.

The work we do here is hard. And I’m not just talking about winter a.m. barn work! Both my English and history classes this year demanded a lot of writing. I like constructing an argument, but have a hard time absorbing information when I first read a text. I’ve been working with my teachers and the learning center on some strategies—I read summaries and watch multimedia, and we work together on outlines.

This last year has gone so fast. I’m helping to lead a wilderness first aid and CPR course for Project Week. I’d like to pursue this more in the future. There are so many choices, so much to do. The real challenge for me is being present. And I want to do it; not to have done it. I’m really trying to have my own experience here before it’s gone, because you get more out of Putney than a diploma.

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