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Michael S. Currier Center

The Michael S. Currier Center, completed in 2004, houses a 350-seat concert hall, 18,000-sq.ft. art gallery, a music classroom, a music composition lab, eight music practice rooms, a dance studio, and a meditation room. For a list of upcoming public events, many of which take place in the Currier Center, click on this link.

Calder Hall

Lined with perforated European steamed beech to damp sound waves, Calder Hall seats 350 for music and dance performances and other presentations. The hall is acoustically tuned for vocal and orchestral performance, so in addition to the beech, there are nuances in the shape of the room, acoustic panels beneath the beech, and the remaining surfaces are covered in acoustic plaster.

Art Gallery

The 18,000-sq.ft. gallery area is so sought after that we're booked years in advance by artists who want to show in our space.

Dance Studio

The spacious dance studio features a sprung floor, privacy, plentiful light, full mirror, storage space, sound system, and room for live musical acompaniment.

Music Classroom

The music classroom is shaped to provide favorable acoustics for voice and small ensembles and uses fabric wall treatments to help achieve that effect.


Using Ableton Live software, students explore MIDI composition/editing techniques, live sound recording and processing, sampling, loop-based music production, and a wide array of other musical possibilities.

Music Practice Rooms

There are upright pianos in nearly all of the soundproof rooms and enough room in each for small groups to practice without interruption.

Meditation Room

The building's namesake was a champion of mediation, so a space has been provided where both individual and programmed meditation can take place.



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