Options for Independent Work

Senior Exhibitions

Senior Exhibitions are an opportunity for seniors who are in good academic and disciplinary standing to design and complete a two-month independent project, ideally interdisciplinary, culminating in a body of work that will be exhibited. Students are expected to create a project that draws upon the breadth of their educational experience at Putney. There will be a final presentation to the school community at the end of the semester. At these presentations, there will be outside evaluators who are practitioners in the field or fields of the Exhibition who, with faculty sponsors, grant or deny credit. Senior Exhibitions encourage students to show mastery through independent learning across the curriculum.

Senior Tutorial Courses

Working with a faculty sponsor, seniors may design an independent course of study that expands current offerings. Each course must be reviewed and approved by the Educational Program Committee (EPC).

Theater Intensive

This course is designed for advanced theater students interested in pursuing an aspect of theater. Students may choose to direct, perform, or write a play. The emphasis is determined by the student before enrollment and approved by the theater director. A presentation of the work is required at the end of the trimester.

Work Term

Work Term allows seniors to participate in an off campus internship of their own design, with the goal of experiencing the adult world of work in a field of interest to the student.  This takes place between Thanksgiving and Winter breaks, and can be flexible extending through the breaks if desired.  Seniors who are interested should apply to this program.


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