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Project Weeks

What is the best test of mastery? To us, knowledge gains power when it is applied and extended. Our semi-annual Project Weeks challenge students to dive deep into something they have learned in their academic coursework, make it personal, and mobilize it creatively. While we focus on research and process, the results are incredible. Dive into our evolving video archive.

Project Weeks offer students the opportunity to propose and successfully complete two projects at the end of each academic semester that employ skills they have acquired in their academic and non-academic program during the semester. Students are encouraged to develop a project that allows them to pursue their passions and to investigate topics inspired by their recent study, one of which must be academic in nature. The application of skills and recently acquired knowledge relates directly to the intensive rehearsal time that is set aside for major performances of drama and musical groups. Fall and spring dramatic productions count as double projects. Project Weeks epitomizes the Putney ideal; students should learn and work for the love of learning; they are encouraged to engage in an independent process of inquiry and exploration. Projects represent a significant culmination of a semester’s work since the time devoted (nine to ten days at the end of each semester—a total of twenty days) is the equivalent of an academic month. The Educational Program Committee approves each project.

Here's an excerpt of student projects conducted during last year's Project Weeks

The Homeopathy of Garlic: A Study of its History and Science

Crafting a Server—Organization and Design

Global Education for Women & Girls: An Exploration

Practical American Sign Language

Birth of The Left and Righ—Research Paper

Putney's Illustrated Herbal Field Guide

Growing Connections: The Ecology of Environmental Racism

Building a Tiny House

Flamenco in Spanish Romani Culture

Skeletal System of the Horse and Common Joint Injuries

Advanced Ballroom Dance

City and Country: 1930s vs 2016

The Microbiology of Milk Pasteurization

Documenting the Skateboarding Culture in New York City

Bovine Seasonal Transitions: Preparing our Herd for Seasonal Change

Mycosculpture: An Investigation of Living Art

A Study of Solar System Formation through the Lens of Astronomical Observation

Bringing Awareness to the Dangers of Prescription Drugs through Dance

Self identity, Forgiveness and the Power of Now

Design and Craft of Traditional Cold Weapons

Coding with Vectors

Building a Portable Ski Tow, Part Two: Installation

Brexit, Trump, and the FN

The Artwork of Illuminated Manuscripts

Exploring Extreme Totalitarianism through George Orwell's Book "1984"

An Intro to Celestial Navigation

Creative Writing

"The Voice of Knowledge" and Essay

Connecting the Möbius Strip to Jewelry Making

Candomblé- Hidden Religion of Brazil

Can you hear something with no sound if you are exposed to it enough

Meat Processing and Butchery

Breakdancing 101

Pizza and Pasta Making with Local Materials

Misogyny in Movies

"My Experience At Standing Rock"

60's Movies and How they Affected the Baby Boomer Generation

Justices, Cases, and Briefs: A Research Project

The Physics of Basketball

Knitting Three Hats+A Scarf

Exploration of Intaglio Etching

Suspense in a Video Narrative: Creating a Zombie Trailer

Preparing for my Internship in New Zealand

Coding DNA Sequences

Creating a Binary Calculator in Minecraft

The Historical Origin and Modern Appropriation of Lacrosse

Veganism in Latin Culture Cookbook

Exploration of Metal Jewelry

Mapping the Battle of Yorktown

Blacksmithing in the Renaissance

Heating those in Need

A Portrait of my Mother

That 4-letter H Word; Our relationship with Hate, Hope, Help and Home

Cooperation between Harp & Oboe

Applying Calculus to Physics

Exploration of the American South through Food

Humans of Putney: Stories and Black and White Photos

Reflections on Inner Leadership through Nelson Mandela's "Conversation with Myself"

The Evolution of Font

Herd Dynamics and Behaviors in Horses and People

Natural Dyeing, Spinning, and Rug Weaving

Chinese Brush Painting

Introduction to Swift

Chemical Processes in Recycling

Coding a Pokemon-Themed Word Memory Game

Learning how to use a 4x5 Camera

Creating a Children's Book using French and Imagination

Comparative Anatomy Drawings

Cheese Maker Internship

Vietnam War through Texts

The Creation of a Mountain Bike Trail

The Impact of Conventional versus Organic Farms

Four Interlocking Icosahedra

Carved Vases

T-Shirt Business Model: An Exploration in Entrepreneurship

Planning a Secondary Digester

Exploration and Creation of Bezel Cups

Weaving with Recycled Fibers

Political Theory: An Expression through Pottery

Electronics & Design: Building a Radio

Proposing tax reform in the United States: Calculating the effective tax rates

An Introduction to Bacterial Morphology

Exploring a Concerto with Harp

Revisiting the 1990s through Fashion


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