The Scholastic Art & Writing awards

The 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have been announced and The Putney School is once again well represented. From February 17 through March 10, 2018, Brattleboro Museum and Art Center will exhibit this year’s award-winning work by students from throughout Vermont. 18 of our students have artwork on display. The exhibit will culminate in an awards ceremony on Sunday, March 10. Click here for more information. 

Here is the full list of The Putney School's 2018 Award Winners:

Cameron Anderson - Grade 11

Through My Eyes and the World’s — Honorable Mention, Critical Essay
A Dream from the Second Tallest — Honorable Mention, Short Story

Anna Apilado - Grade 11

Dad, — Honorable Mention, Poetry

Noa Bader- Grade 9

One's Own Business — Gold Key, Drawing and Illustration
Skewed Spokes — Silver Key, Photography
Curious Fellow — Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration
Hedging Her Bets — Honorable Mention, Drawing and Illustration
Hum-blebee — Honorable Mention, Photography
Venetian Drear — Honorable Mention, Drawing and Illustration
Mother Earth — Honorable Mention, Printmaking

Acadia Barrengos - Grade 12

Growing with the Weeds — Honorable Mention, Poetry
Repeat — Honorable Mention, Poetry
The Audience — Honorable Mention, Poetry
Everywhere You Are — Honorable Mention, Poetry

Gerrit Bollin - Grade 12

Patriot Boy — Gold Key, Painting
Erin — Honorable Mention, Painting
Strip Mall — Silver Key, Painting

Tula Campman - Grade 9

Home Town — Silver Key, Photography
Palimpsest — Honorable Mention, Photography
Strange Pane — Honorable Mention, Photography

Steven Chen - Grade 10

Western China — Gold Key, Photography
Portrait with flower — Gold Key, American Visions Nominee, Photography
Portrait with Paint — Silver Key, Photography
Self Portrait — Honorable Mention, Photography
Cameras — Honorable Mention, Photography

Magnolia Dettmer - Grade 11

The Zookeepers — Silver Key, Painting
Klaus: The German Rat — Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration

Eva Gondelman - Grade 11

Levitation — Gold Key, Photography
Gripping — Silver Key, Photography
Holding — Silver Key, Photography
Drops — Silver Key, Photography
Shining Down — Silver Key, Photography
Torso — Silver Key, Photography
Molly — Honorable Mention, Photography
Thunder Road — Honorable Mention, Photography
Carnival Lights — Honorable Mention, Photography
Dusk — Honorable Mention, Photography

Decker Lankler - Grade 10

Compost Bin — Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass

Linfang Li - Grade 12

Yet He Is A Renaissance Man — Honorable Mention, Painting
Transition — Silver Key, Drawing and Illustration
Burnt Seinnna, Yellow Ocher and Black — Silver Key, Painting

Bianca Peterman - Grade 12

Insect IV — Honorable Mention, Printmaking
2018 VT Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: Winners by School 8 of 15
Baba Yaga's Hut — Silver Key, Printmaking

Ryusei Sawada - Grade 12

Chicken — Gold Key, Drawing and Illustration
I Have Something Left To Do — Silver Key, Comic Art

Eliza Strauss Jenkins - Grade 12

Pear Lady — Gold Key, American Visions Nominee, Printmaking
Blame is a Nasty word — Silver Key, Poetry
Fallen — Honorable Mention, Poetry
blowing out candles — Honorable Mention, Poetry
It's cliché, I know — Honorable Mention, Poetry

Qinuo Wei - Grade 12

Very little brain — Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass
The outer edge — Silver Key, Art Portfolio
Ceremony — Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass

William Xuan - Grade 11

Stellar — Silver Key, Sculpture
Specimen Series 1- Spine — Honorable Mention, Sculpture

Lingwen Zhang - Grade 9

Lava And Ice Crystals—Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass

Yitong Zhang - Grade 11

untitled — Honorable Mention, Printmaking
Lava And Ice Crystals — Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass


Photo: "Levitation" by Eva Gondelman '19 

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