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The Putney School Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Dear Putney Alumni, Parents, Faculty, Students and Friends,

As we came to the end of our last strategic plan, which shaped our work 2008-2013, we knew that we wanted to continue our focus on the essentials - progress towards excellence across the board, with particular emphasis on progressive academics,  sustainability, cultural fluency, the arts, and finding the funding that Putney needs to meet the needs of our people and our campus.  Working with faculty, staff and the board of trustees, we have created a plan which is not a departure, but a continuation of our work, and gives us the flexibility to meet changing circumstances.  The plan is also aspirational;  it recognizes that Putney is now in a leadership position in the educational world, and that there is increasing interest in an educational program which can meet the growing demand for citizens who are both grounded in reality and creative in problem solving. 

We hope that you will read this plan carefully, and that you will be as committed to helping Putney reach these goals as are those of us currently on the board. It is an exciting time for Putney, and we welcome your thoughts about the great work and opportunities that lie ahead of us.


Tonia Wheeler

Chairman of the Board of Trustees


The Putney School Strategic Plan:

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