Based on a sustainable design
Putney is an art and design high school
Putney follows montessori philosophy
Boarding school life is fun
Putney is one of the top school of the arts
How We Live

What is The Putney School?  In spite of our rural exterior, Putney is not a simple place. We are both creative and grounded, visionary and practical. We are a community of people who think for themselves, invent, design, experiment, compose, write, build, and chase down new ideas. The book you are holding is designed to help you understand how we do this.

For example, thinking and doing are interwoven at Putney. We are progressive, and so we value experiential education, the idea that people often learn best by doing, rather than by being told. Students here view their education as something they are pursuing, rather than something being done to them. We regard education as the creation of intelligence rather than the transmission of information. We are both academically rigorous and culturally informal. We take our intellectual tradition seriously, but do not wrap it up in formalities.

We lead and we work. We value collaboration more than competition, and believe that leadership requires a deep understanding of what it means to work. We share the work at Putney—on the land, in the kitchen, across the campus—and we share the leadership. Adults here believe that teenagers are capable and trustworthy. Students play an active role in running the community.  Students are part of every decision making body of the school, including the board of trustees.  Our school council debates the real issues of the community, from the grading policy and graduation requirements to cell phones and community service. Students run the entire work program, which runs the farm, cooks, cleans, and maintains the campus.

We value individuality and community, self and others. We take care of ourselves and each other, and know what it takes to make a community run.  We are not a prep school, meaning that we do not merely prepare you to be somewhere else. We promote presence—at home and in the world--in community, in work and in self-expression. While our graduates go on to the highest caliber colleges and universities, they do so with a foundation of personal responsibility for their education and commitment to their community.

—Emily H. Jones, Head of School


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