Study Abroad Expands to Three Trimesters

Last winter's trimester away in Cuernavaca, Mexico, pioneered by Putney Spanish teacher Abelardo Almazan-Vazquez. was a complete success and served as the template for expanding overseas offerings to all three trimesters for this school year. In addition to a trimester at Cuernavaca's Bachillerato Internacional UNINTER in the fall, students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade can apply to a winter trimester in China or spring in France. The China trip is led by Putney Chinese language teacher, Cai Xi Silver, and her brother Xi Le, both of whom are also professional artists. Students will spend three weeks participating in academic seminars and residency at the Chongqing Arts High School. Another 3 weeks will be spent living in a group apartment in Chongqing and taking part in cultural excursions throughout the city. Students will spend a week participating in an exciting service learning project hosted by the Chengdu Waldorf School. Students will also spend a week engaging in cultural studies in Beijing and will return home with academic credit in Chinese language, Chinese history and culture, and Chinese arts. The trimester in Pont Aven, France in the spring is led by Putney art teacher, Sue Brearey, and history teacher, Lies Pasterkamp. Students will develop their French language skills, improve their cultural fluency, and explore French culture, art history, history, and geography through a curriculum tailored to the needs of the students. Pont Aven is best known for its association with post-impressionist painter Paul Gauguin. Students will practice French, take seminar classes with a Gauguin scholar, make art in Gauguin’s studio, study the flora and fauna of the coastline, visit important historical sites, and work in a thirteenth-century farm, all while living with French host families. Participants will develop an art project during their trimester which will be exhibited in Pont Aven’s main gallery in the last week of their stay. Academic credits will include language, arts, and humanities.

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