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English for Speakers of Other Languages

English for Speakers of Other Languages: The ESOL Program

The English for Speakers of Other Languages Program (ESOL) is a small program within The Putney School that is designed for international students who want to develop a high level of English for academic work in the United States. The goal of the program is to prepare students academically for their study abroad, including language training, content education, study skills, and cross-cultural orientation.

Students must have some knowledge of English in order to enter the program: the first courses are suitable for students at the low intermediate level. Typically, there are six full-credit courses at two levels, with gradual mainstreaming into non- ESOL courses. Students entering at the lower level usually take three ESOL courses their first year and two or three their second year. Included are two sheltered classes for international students, one in English Composition and one in US History.

The ESOL classes develop multiple language skills—speaking, listening, reading, and writing—and teach skills to succeed in an American high school: the ability to write and speak clearly, work independently, think critically, act cooperatively, and join discussions effectively. Students must demonstrate proficiency at each level of the program before moving to the next level; those who do not may have the option of summer study to prepare for the next level. All seniors must be mainstreamed.

To learn more about our ESOL program, please contact lholmes@putneyschool.org

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