Arts Facilities

Wender Arts

The Wender Arts Building houses an expansive painting and drawing studio with twelve oak easels, work tables, and a 16’ x 16’ north-facing window. Sculpture classes occupy the southern portion of the Wender Arts Building. Wood and stone carving, modeling, constructing, and critiques occur in the main studio. Oxygen/acetylene welding and torch cutting, MIG welding, arc welding, drilling, shearing, grinding, and forging occur in the Metal /Blacksmithing Room. We have hand and power tools for sculpting in steel, stone, wood, plaster, and clay. The Print Shop contains facilities for work in monotype, relief, intaglio, letterpress, and stone lithography.  The school owns a Vandercook proof press, Brand etching press, a large Pexto plate cutter, and Fuchs & Lang lithography press, along with fifteen large lithography stones.  We have a ventilated booth for spray and acid use. Upstairs in the Wender Arts Building is a loft with eight semi-private studios for use by advanced students, and fully equipped, ventilated stained glass and jewelry studios. The main floor has a gallery for displaying student work.

Fiber Arts

The weaving room is on the top floor of the Reynolds Building. Additional space is available, for dyeing and for washing fleece for spinning.  The weaving program has 14 four harness looms, 1 six harness loom and 7 eight harness looms in use, with several more in storage (because we don't have room to use them). We also have 6 spinning wheels, 4 sewing machines, 1 serger and one knitting machine.

Fourteen Merino, Romney and Borderleister sheep on the Farm provide fleece for spinning and for the Sheep to Shawl Long Fall Trip.


The ceramics facilities are located in the Arts & Crafts Building and include seven electric wheels, one kick wheel, two pug mills, a full inventory of glaze materials for glaze-mixing, a wide array of tools, a computerized electric kiln, a 35 cubic foot gas kiln, a Raku kiln and a brick structure for pit-firing.


The school has a large ventilated darkroom with a central sink and ten Beseler 45 enlargers. There is a second lab for processing film. The camera inventory includes Nikons, Cannons, Pentax K1000s, Holgas and a Toyo 4 x 5 field camera and a variety of lenses. All chemistry is collected and recycled. Our Digital facilities offer 12 iMacs, Photo Shop and In Design CS4, 3 Epson 1400 printers and 2 Epson V500 scanners.


The filmmaking studio is equipped with Canon DSLR cameras and Apple iMacs. The iMacs are loaded with many software packages including the Adobe Creative Suite, iMovie, Final Cut, iStopMotion, and Dragon Stop Motion.


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