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Since our founding in 1935, The Putney School has been committed to socioeconomic diversity. Putney remains accessible to students of varying income levels through need-based financial aid and payment plans. Educational loan programs provided by outside entities can supplement need-based financial assistance.

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2018-19 Tuition

Boarding: $59,400 | Day: $35,300

High School or College?

Whether to spend limited financial resources on secondary school or college education can be a difficult choice for families. At the college level there is considerable financial aid and federal funding available. As all family and student assets, in addition to income, are taken into strict account when determining college-level financial aid packages, an argument can be made that overweighting the use of limited assets in favor of a strong preparatory education can prove to be a thoughtful, reasonable, and wise decision. With the reality that all independent schools, unsupported by tax dollars, are expensive for virtually every family, it is increasingly common for parents and grandparents to share the costs of financing a student's education.

Payment Options

Putney offers three payment options per contract year.

  • Plan A: one payment in full, due August 1
  • Plan B: two payments, due August 1 and December 1
  • Plan C: monthly payments

Some families who don't qualify for need-based financial aid use payment plans and loans to ease the burden of tuition fees. Those who do receive financial aid also find these options helpful in bridging the gap between their award and the family's monthly budget.

Payment Plans

Payment plans allow a family to spread education costs, interest free, over twelve months beginning May 1. Choosing this option after May 1 will result in fewer and larger payment amounts.

Loan Plans

Questions not answered here about payment plans should be directed to our business office: 802-387-6245.

Cost-Reducing Suggestions

  • Choose Plan A and receive a 1% discount in tuition fee (contact the Business Office to discuss Tuition Refund Plan options).
  • Sign up early for Plan C, payments spread across 12 months will be less than those spread across 10 or fewer months.
  • Check with your hometown to see if you live in a district that funds tuition to a school of your choice
  • Preplan travel arrangements.
  • Purchase used textbooks when possible.
  • By keeping an eye on the types of things your child charges, you can help your son or daughter develop budgeting skills. Putney's Business Office provides a detailed report of each child's school store account.

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