William '19

I went to a traditional school in northeastern China. We always had tests and a lot of homework. There was a lot of competition between students.

So Putney is very different for me. There’s so much freedom and independence. Teachers and students are all very helpful—this has made it much easier to adapt to the language and the culture. I’m a basketball player, so that has also helped me to meet new friends and feel part of a team.

Chinese people don’t express their emotions directly, so that is something I’ve had to learn here. Americans express themselves more delicately than Chinese people. But at Putney, everyone is so friendly and open that I have become more open, too. It’s been such an easy community to join.

On my best days, I communicate well—I participate in class discussions, I talk with my teachers. I play a lot of basketball. I work in the library with friends and watch a little TV in the dorm.

I’ve taken so many new things—figure drawing, sculpture, jewelry making. It is great to be able to study so many different kinds of art—ways of making life beautiful.

I also take Humans in the Natural World (my favorite class) and Algebra II…and then there’s p.m. barn work! In China, many people think this kind of work is disgusting. But, I like going from the barn to the gym and then to the library—all part of a busy and abundant day.

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